Good Samaritan Children’s Home – Mattress

Our world belongs to our children and this is reflected across the world, that’s why the Marvellous Foundation believe that the safety and development of children in extreme poverty is of the greatest importance.

As part of our continued efforts to support orphaned and vulnerable children our foundation has taken active steps to create safer, cleaner and more comfortable spaces for these underprivileged youths.

During our visits to Mathare, Nairobi in Kenya, we made contact with the Good Samaritan Childrens Home and following our visit felt that we had the opportunity to make small changes that will result in better living and sleeping conditions

As outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 3 took steps to help refurnish some of the dormitories that the orphaned children rest in every day. The main concern for the Childrens Home was the cleanliness of the current mattresses that the children sleep on. Due to a multitude of reasons including age, stress and anxieties that vulnerable children can face, bed wetting can become an issue, this results in hygiene issues.

The Marvellous Foundation decided we would provide comfortable new mattresses, waterproof mattress covers and floor coverings including rugs.

We sourced all the products and materials locally in Nairobi further adding to our commitment of sustainable communities. Our plan is to fund a further 40 mattresses and covers that will refurbish a total of 4 dormitories within the Children’s Home.

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